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                    Now, we strive to make both
                                                       your inner and outer beauty shine.

At hive hair spa, we specialize in providing customized haircuts tailored to each individual client. Our stylists take into consideration factors such as face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle preferences to discover the perfect style for you. Drawing from their experience gained in Japan, our stylists employ advanced techniques and precision to achieve accurate and beautiful cuts. They skillfully adjust elements like hair length, weight distribution, and layering to create an ideal style that complements your features.

Communication is key at our salon, and our stylists prioritize thorough consultations to fully understand your desires and expectations. Together, we collaborate to determine the best-suited style for you. To ensure your satisfaction, our stylists finish off with appropriate styling and finishing touches, ensuring you leave our salon feeling delighted with your new look.

These meticulous efforts are crucial in delivering a hair-cutting experience that meets and exceeds your expectations. At hive hair spa, our stylists combine these elements to realize the perfect style for you.

Our Japanese headspa is a treatment designed to promote scalp and hair health while providing relaxation. Typically, it involves scalp massage, the use of aromatherapy oils, and treatment products to cleanse the scalp, improve blood circulation, and nourish the hair. This helps enhance scalp health, stimulate hair growth, and improve hair shine and volume. At Hive, we pay meticulous attention to shampoo techniques, the variety of shampoos used, and the facilities provided.

Our HeadSpa utilizes the techniques inherited from one of the world's top three aromatherapists, Josiane Laure, along with shampoo products crafted through her unique method blending the power of plants with Eastern philosophies. This method helps rebalance the scalp environment and induces deep relaxation of the mind and body.

In our semi-private head spa room with dimmed lighting, we offer the "YUME" shampoo bed, allowing you to fully relax both physically and mentally. Many clients find themselves drifting off to sleep as their tired bodies are soothed and refreshed. Head spa treatments also promote stress relief and relaxation, leading to a refreshing and rejuvenating experience for both the mind and body.


hair spa 



gents cut

ladies cut

kids cut

bangs cut




20. - 38.













roots color

whole color



balayage w/toner


color + hi-lights







120. - 160.+




spiral perm

digital perm

jp straightening







hair therapy

deep hair therapy

amino-acid treatment

hair tuning





"hair therapy"

"2-Step Hair Treatment: Achieve luscious locks with our 2-step hair treatment. Step 1 deeply nourishes and repairs damaged hair, while Step 2 seals in moisture and adds a radiant shine for healthy, beautiful hair."
Treatment time: 30 minutes

head spa 

The HeadSpa

Quick-fix HeadSpa

Dry HeadSpa

YUME HeadSpa





The HeadSpa

Our head spa service is designed to refresh both mind and body, offering a blissful relaxation experience. With our HeadSpa, we use specialized shampoo and treatments to nourish the scalp and hair, promoting circulation and vitality. Gentle yet effective massages help relieve stress and support scalp health. Aromatherapy oils with soothing scents further enhance relaxation. We promise a rich experience that ensures beautiful hair and a healthy scalp with warm water like a Japanese ONSEN.
Relaxing time: 90 minutes

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The HeadSpa

Quick-Fix HeadSpa

YUME HeadSpa

Aroma Oil

●   ●   ●   ●

Discover the Benefits of Aromatherapy Oils:
Relaxation, Improved Circulation, Scalp Health, Enhanced Mood and Hair Growth.

Micro Steam

    ●   ●   ●

Discover the Benefits of Micro Steam:
Deep Cleansing,Enhanced Circulation,Hydration,Improved Absorption and Relaxation

YUME Shampoo

    ●   ●   ● a technique designed to provide complete relaxation for both the mind and body. It refreshes and revitalizes a tired body, offering such a pleasant experience that you may find yourself drifting off into a dreamlike state.

Onsen HeadBath

    ●        ●

Warm water is gently poured from the forehead to the scalp, immersing the entire head. This time provides an experience akin to a Japanese "ONSEN" hotspring, offering an exceptionally high level of relaxation.

Drainage Massage

●   ●   ●   ●

it stimulates the energy points of the head and activates the entire body because the head is the place in the body where nerves and blood vessels are concentrated.

Scope Consultation

     ●   ●   ●

"We assess the condition of the scalp using a microscope to determine the appropriate treatment. This allows us to evaluate the results of the treatment and observe the effects of repeated sessions.

Facial Lift

●   ●   ●   ●

The skin on the head is connected to the skin on the face, so lifting the scalp through head spa massages can also lift the skin on the face.

Facial Lift plus


By performing a massage that effectively increases blood flow from the décolleté to the base of the neck, then to the scalp, and finally to the face, circulation is improved throughout. This not only lifts, but also guides the skin to a youthful, radiant complexion. Firmness and radiance are essential for anti-aging.

Micro HairPack

A treatment that replenishes moisture with micro steam for hair damaged by hair coloring or perms, repairing the hair structure and restore "true" moisture to the hair.


Smooth Dry

        ●             ●

"Smooth Hair Blow-Dry" is a technique aimed at drying the hair smoothly. It involves using specialized techniques to create a straight, sleek finish while providing moisture to the hair.

Quick Dry


"Quick Hair Blow-Dry" is a service aimed at drying the hair quickly in a short amount of time. It is characterized by its shorter duration compared to a regular blow-dry, allowing for a faster drying process.
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